Things You Need To Know Before Starting A Blog

 It may seem a waste of time for you to consider setting up a blog and then pontificating day after day.

Perhaps it even sounds rather presumptuous, the belief that there might be people out there who are ready to read your thoughts every day, especially if you’re not really much of an expert on anything. But you’d be surprised what might happen once you set build your first your blog.

If you tailor-make it to your own interests, you might be astounded, first, to discover how much you actually do know about your subjects.But even more than that, you possibly could be very surprised indeed to see how much you can ascertain. All of this comes from the reality that blogs are remarkable community builders. Lets use this as a scenario, you like cats so we will be writing about cats on your blog.

As a cat lover, you will make interesting contributions, perhaps spice them with your own cats’ photos, or to locate other sites that provide notable facts to share. If you want other people’s cat blogs to visit you then you simply need to comment there and they should visit, hopefully they will look at you and comment back. Now you are going to see where this can get very fascinating. You will find ideas that is posted on other people’s blogs that they post about their experiences with their pets.

You may learn things like what a cat’s body language relates to with your cat, or find out about the easiest ways of clipping their claws or giving them a pill. You can talk to the vet when you visit and get some useful ideas, you then merely have to post this to your blog so you can also show your readers something new You might find that you have vistors to your blog that don/t know how to handle certain issues with their cat, making your article invaluable to them, as you just had that exact same circumstances a month earlier. The process works the same no matter what your topic is. If you do some reading on other sites, reply to those who comment on your blog, and comment on their blogs as well, you’ll find that you’re getting to know each other.

You probably want become dear friends, even though that has happened before, but what you will discover is that you start to get followers who will start to read you on a regular basis. What is more, as your friends post day after day on their topic, you’ll learn who really has a handle on the facts and can be relied on if you need to ask questions. The people you share with might also send you to other sites that they acknowledge will interest you or supply answers to questions. You’ll discover things you likely never would have found by yourself. By interacting on other peoples blogs, you have not only built new relationships, you have also increased your own knowledge and expertise in your niche.

It truly does not make a difference what you are going to blog about, there are many like-minded individuals online that are waiting to meet you. If you think about it, blogging is a perfect manner to meet people, after all how many times in a day do you meet people with the exact same interests as you. So is blogging a time-waster and just an exercise in blabbing your head off with nobody paying attention?

It genuinely is not that way at all. Blogging can be a way of becoming part of a genuine community.

Social Media Marketing: Five Steps to Getting Started with LinkedIn

Social Media Marketing using LinkedIn is made easy by following five simple steps. LinkedIn is the perfect site to build your professional networks, keep in touch with connections, discover opportunities, develop relationships, build authority in your industry and also find leads and opportunities for you and your business. Keep it simple and check out these easy methods to getting started with LinkedIn.

  1. Create your account
  2. Complete and update your profile
  3. Create a summary
  4. Get connected
  5. Engage with Others

Creating an account

Go to and fill in your name, email and create a password and click the green join now button.

Complete your profile

Your LinkedIn profile is an important part of your social media marketing strategy. Upload a current, professional looking photo of yourself. You’ll want to complete your entire profile, and include previous work experience that you’ve had. Remember your profile is a representation of you. The little details are important to your profile; it should have substance, be grammatically correct and have no spelling errors. Include your chosen keywords liberally throughout your profile whenever you can so that others searching for those keywords can find you. Don’t forget your email addresses, new and old, to increase the opportunity for connections.

Summary tips

A summary should give a good snap shot of who you are and what you do. Use two to four sentences in your summary that incorporate your specialties or expertise. These sentences should include your keywords and add what you enjoy doing to help others to connect and get to know you.

Connecting on LinkedIn

Connecting with others on LinkedIn is controlled. In order to connect with someone on LinkedIn, you must show how you know them. Getting recommended by LinkedIn members who know you and what you are all about is a wonderful way to connect to with others.

Engage with others

Joining LinkedIn groups gives you the opportunity to maximize your networking and social media marketing efforts while connecting you with great people with similar interests. Start by joining employer alumni groups, were you will have connections with people you have something in common with. And finally, enhance your LinkedIn social media marketing experience by participating and interacting with others through posting, responding to posts and networking with other group members.

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Are You LinkedIn?

Social Media Michigan February Meeting

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LinkedIn is a Business oriented social networking site founded in Dec 2002 and launched in May 2003 mainly used for professional networking. As of Feb 2009, it has more than 35 millions registered users, spanning over 170 industries.

LinkedIn allows you to connect with and discover connections. It is primarily a business to business network where the average income of its user is $130K. These connections are Serious about Business.

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Also, learn the importance of using LinkedIn Recommendations, Groups and Answers

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